Q.  Who is Dr. Chiodo?
      A.  Award-winning Professor and Professional Speaker.  Please see Dr. Chiodo's Bio.

Q.  Does Dr. Chiodo do keynote addresses?
      A.  Yes, many of her speaking engagements are keynote presentations at conferences and meetings for associations.

Q.  For what types of events does Dr. Chiodo speak?
      A.  She does training in businesses, speaks at conferences and seminars, and does in-services training for educational institutions.

Q.  How long are Dr. Chiodo’s presentations? 
      A.  She can adapt her presentation for your particular event.  Her preferred amount of time to speak is half a day, or 3.5 hours.

Q.  Can I hear a sample of Dr. Chiodo’s presentation?
      A.  Yes.  Please click here:  Character Driven Success Promo Video

Q.  How does Dr. Chiodo motivate her audiences?
      A.  By leading her audiences to recognize the power of developing and praising excellence of character in others, rather than focusing first on achievement.

Q.  How can I arrange for Dr. Chiodo to present to my organization?
      A.  Contact Cherry Patterson (830) 624-6384 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q.  How far in advance must I arrange for Dr. Chiodo to speak for our event?
      A.  Call to ask.  If she doesn't have a presentation tomorrow and you need one, she will be there. Most clients book early however, usually about six to eight weeks prior to the engagement.

Q.  Does Character-Driven Success provide CEU’s?
      A.  Dr. Chiodo will work with you to secure CEUs.

Q.  What fees are required to hire Dr. Chiodo for our event?  Who is responsible for travel expenses?
      A.  Fees depend on location.  Please call Cherry Patterson (see question 7 above) for the fee for your event. Please note, the client is responsible for transportation and lodging.  Dr. Chiodo is responsible for her own meals.

Q.  What happens if we, or Dr. Chiodo, have to cancel the event?
      A.  Should Dr. Chiodo be unable to make an event, she will notify you as quickly as possible.  She would appreciate the client providing notice of cancellation as quickly as possible as well.
Q.  What is Dr. Chiodo’s presentation format?
      A.  Dr. Chiodo speaks primarily in lecture format with questions welcomed throughout the presentation.  If she is asked to speak for over three hours, she incorporates several exercises that allow the audience opportunity to immediately implement concepts. For half-day presentation, she uses Powerpoint Slides.

Q.  What does our organization need to provide for Dr. Chiodo’s presentation?
      A.  If the audience size is over 50 people, she will need a microphone and sound system.  For a presentation that exceeds an hour, she will need a screen and projector.  And a backup computer is always appreciate in the event her laptop were to fail.

Q.  Do you have references we could contact?
      A.  Please call Cherry Patterson (see question 7 above) for references.

Q.  Can we videotape Dr. Chiodo’s presentation?
      A.  Generally, Dr. Chiodo does not allow videotaping.

Q.  Can I speak directly with Dr. Chiodo?
      A.  Yes, you may call her at (512) 353-0703.