What People are Saying About "Character-Driven Success"

CDS.Endors1"Great motivational presentation. Honed in on the real need in today's world – character." Col. Bernard J. McCabe, Manager, Global Security, Marathon Oil Company

"You taught me more in two hours than many have in a life time!" Talvin Paul, Vice President, Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.

"This is an eye-opening experience that has changed the way I will lead others." Daniel Liszewski, Business Development Manager, Corporate Security Solutions

"Fantabulous!" Roger Galvan, Commissioner, Calhoun County, TX

"Fantastic presentation, the best communication group presentation I have ever attended." Dennis Gaver, Frontline Manager, IRS

"Dr. Chiodo's presentation changed my view of the personnel I am responsible for. . ." Joseph Longway, Captain, Criminal Investigations, Texas Department of Public Safety

"Magnificent presentation! It could turn this country around!” Michael Golden, Lufkin ISD Teacher

"This information has the power to transform relationships and lives." Carl Spackman, Director of Finance, Copper State Bolt & Nuts Co.

"Super presentation that truly inspired me to ensure the people in my life, both personaly and professionally, know how much they are appreciated." Chuck Selman, Manager, Wackenhut Services, Inc., Aiken, SC

"Both times I have heard you speak you have brought me and the room to tears.  Thank you for your inspirational teaching and speaking.  I still carry your 'Character First!' Pocket Guide and use it for praising and encouraging my children and co-workers.  Thank you!" Eliska Flores, Graduate Student in Strategic Communication and Leadership

"Dr. Chiodo is truly a delightful speaker who is fun to listen to and most refreshing in her message.  I have received nothing but positive feedback about her talk. She was by far one of the most popular speakers at our two-day conference." John Chamberlain, Executive Director, Energy Security Council

"Two police detectives from our agancy recently attended your segment at The San Antonio Onmi Hotel.  They have raved about your speaking abilities and the content of your presentation.  As 'seasoned detectives' they don't RAVE about much, so this is especially exciting for me as their Supervisor."  Sherry Pelfrey, Lieutenant, San Antonio Police Department

"I really benefited from your demonstration of how to write a letter praising a student's character.  Your message was inspirational and in ten years of attending professional development this was the most encouraging and helpful training I have received."  Mike Burgess, CTE Teacher, Eastwood Academy Charter High School

"Highly energizing and motivational presentation.  Most important, this is a fundamental paradigm shift that can be readily implemented and make a tremendous difference." B. William Bascom, Front Line Manager, IRS

"Dr. Chiodo, you are the best speaker that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.  Half the time you had us in stitches and the other half I was trying to keep from crying.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us." Bruce Miner, Manager, Texas Lottery Commission

"I thought this presentation was brilliant.  Very motivating and energizing!  I believe Dr. Chiodo exemplifies the character qualities of enthusiasm and joyfulness."  Amy McCarty, Case Manager, Betty Hardwick Center MHMR

"I was sitting at the absolute back of the ballroom.  By the end, I wished I was sitting on the front row.  I laughed, I cried, and I left feeling better about life."  Kale Martin, President, Abacus Long Term Care, Inc.

"Spell-binding, wonderful, heart-felt experience."  Sherri Williams, Admissions Coordinator & Marketing, Georgia Manor Nursing Home and Rehab Center

"Dear Dr. Chiodo, you have made me a better manager with a single presentation.  Your address on Character Driven Success made such a significant impact on me that I have used what I learned in every aspect of my life since then ... Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Terry Post, Human Resource Analyst, TX Health and Human Services Commission

"Dr. Chiodo's presentation here was a phenomenal success. For days, staff kept thanking me for having her.  They just loved her." Rosanne Demoss, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

"First of all, you are an amazing communicator! ... You are an inspiration and I was on the edge of my chair waiting to hear what you had to say. ... Our agency will be a better place to work because of the fire you started.  'Thank you' hardly seems words enough for your time and inspiration."  Elizabeth Nichols, Texas Commission for Environmental Quality